New Beguinings

It’s 12:30am and i’m on my most creative stage of the day; as i lay in bed i think of all the goals and plans i have and one of them is creating my own personal blog.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time and I’ve decided to make it one of my summer goals. This is a blog I want to dedicate to my passion for fashion; in here I want to share all about the images I snap with my Nikon, the modeling projects i get to be a part of, but also those things that inspire my everyday including the clothes that I wear.

I also want to dedicate some space in here to those things that make my days special; anything from the food that I eat to the shows and movies I watch as well as the books that I read.

For the next few weeks this will be a work in progress before I finally have an end result I’m happy with and I consider my baseline (sorry, psych major problems here) that I can use as starting point. Hopefully by the time I go back to school in August I can look back at this and be happy with what I have up until that point.

Its 12:40am. Let The Coco in Wonderland Blog adventures begin!


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