When the past comes knocking…

Even tho my initial goal is to keep this blog strictly about fashion and everything regarding so I’ve realized this is also my personal blog, and as much as clothing and photo shoots will be what you guys get to see the most in here i also want to have a small section dedicated to those thoughts that cloud my mind from time to time.

For those who know me i am passionate about counseling and helping others; this is something i’m involved with both as a student but also at a more personal level, and even when this wont be a psychologist’s forum (sorry, don’t have the title yet) i would like to take the time and write about topics i believe others can relate to as well. In this opportunity: The past and the times he wants to become the present.

Old ways won't open new doors

Just last night i was on the phone with my Mom having our usual night convos and she brought up this recurrent individual in her life who keeps coming back from time to time and yesterday was no exception. Between laughs and anecdotes she confessed that there are times she still thinks about this person and i couldn’t help but relate to her situation since the same happens to me from time to time with a certain somebody. Like every time i speak with mom she gave me yet another one of her perfect advises; in her own words “Don’t let him come back; if he ever attempts to do so don’t allow yourself to give him another chance because when they realize they have the power to just come back and you immediately take him back you’re screwed my friend”

I can’t say i disagree; as much as i’m a big proponent of second chances and people’s ability to improve and learn from their mistakes there is also a limit to it. First and foremost i’d say you are to respect yourself, keep your pride intact, and don’t ever allow yourself to be the kind of person that is utilized as an option rather than a priority. It might be hard at first but i guarantee that once time has pass and you look back you’ll be grateful you left the past exactly where it belongs.


Any thoughts on this topic? I encourage you all to share!



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