In Phi Sigma Sigma We Trust

Hello once again!

So as i’ve previously mentioned  i’m part of (THE BEST) sorority out there, Phi Sigma Sigma, and just this past week recruitment season kicked off! for our first night we decided to go with a theme pretty much anyone can relate: AMERICA!

10641168_10152805734018336_493198957420657745_n10698490_10152805730928336_4838533855017658444_n10460968_10152805723668336_3330862163901050591_n10593068_10152805743388336_5373161535261661662_n 10402051_10152805733883336_4573404675248499979_n  1898237_10152805750123336_2165206836809868468_n

In order to represent diversity and variety, which is something PhiSig stands for we decided to go with an all American theme; if you think about it USA is one of the most, if not the most diverse place out there so putting the melting pot idea out there certainly worked. Here are some photos of an amazing night i got to be a part of and enjoy with my fellow sisters!

10660379_10152805766733336_352893795437781822_n10417539_10152805733973336_7631148746279213060_n  10420298_10152805731053336_9206310918145454714_n10426729_10152805728223336_1398328048200467708_n942393_10152805730898336_602176308569759212_n10436259_10152805728128336_6635385036115211559_n1239699_10152805728078336_3671836450184226670_n



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