Un Pais Para Amar <3

Despite this being primarily a fashion blog i will sometimes use it as a little escape route and semi personal diary, so bare with me ❤

Topic of the day: My country of birth. Saying that i’m homesick is an understatement; from the 90 degree weather all year round, to the sound of the ways and the smell of beach by my balcony, from the taste of a flavorful arepa to the view up by El Cerro El Morro, these are some of the things that remind me of home. This is a wonderland i left almost 4 years ago and to which going back now seems like a hard thing to do because of the current political situation and social uprising. The thing that keeps holding my heart back is my family and friends which i will be able to see by the end of the year. It is sad to think that so many people have had to leave my beautiful country due to the current events taking place, however i have one day peace will be restored and life as we once knew it will be a reality once again,

In case this is your first time hearing about this place or if you just wish to reminisce on Venezuela here are some great images i came across with, enjoy some shots from the country known as “The best kept secret in the Caribbean” and “The balcony of South America

8cc70f22a7bd4af7b5cab44c98d9af0e 15bd3e33b7778ae4b38c2e9f17d89a88 28cfce6832991d7ab0914e72b128b58a6916c11d7fdf1fba939023645b282c60 85ce1bcbd87c5c6cdb39e648598f45ddIMG_20130809_145037 399d751356b64889a2892fcc01a143cc  9141535a57a54334f63df14278f084fc9799e90295ccf3737e84a2f70c2531bb DSCN7532 (2)   bdc576a506d629e8d07c29ba316994ac d0372208249c947ec6c5d882c3b74d63     DSCN3760d475246ae3ae6adff101f83f9e753b04DSCN3350b62dcfc331bc40782dca85603a4e2c3fe63dc7f751380ce04385e8628041783d  eba22e389e627256d7edd52449f0ae7dDSCN3417 DSCN3287 DSCN3463 DSCN3587


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