So in just a few days my birthday #22 will be here, and like most girls i’m all about gifts. Now don’t get me wrong, it really isn’t hard to make me happy when it comes to gift giving; even the smallest little detail will make my day, which is why i decided to come up with my very own list of ideas for what i would like. Call it a personal wishlist; who knows? maybe i’ll treat myself to some of these!!

03e8bc913e119a4919d15693a3ed6592 3b4ca90db3c679a0f6f6b3b1aac2a1d1 155bc8584c2a9eb7b8ff4311d19d9a883fe2342514eff0215e3a24149bd70252  240f4cfc85807672bdf814f4c2fafdac

710cba21e855f96f95f132890f12c54e 7717eac6dc9516b5cf6fb8976c123f09

alex-and-ani-phi-sigma-sigma-expandable-wire-bangle-rafaelian-silver bc0d968a82df0b560b23d6103072970e d2889abb31d9921e74b67345bc78d688 hmprod

As more ideas come to mind i’ll keep updating this post!!


Pameluna 🙂

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