Sonrie! La Vida Es Una Sola

As of December 26 I’ve had the amazing opportunity of being in my hometown Lecheria, Venezuela (Si, se habla Español) spending some quality time with my family and childhood friends; it has been a time of relaxation and fun, but also of analysis and realizations. Something I have invested time on is one of my new year’s resolution which is being happy just because!


I feel like we spend so much time trying to figure out ways to be happier and sometimes we overlook the little things that should automatically bring a smile to our faces; just the simple fact of waking up in the morning should make us feel grateful and blessed. Being healthy and able to function throughout the days is in itself a reason to be happy; I recently started reading a book titled “El Triunfo del Alma” (Translated to “The triumph of the soul”) and I must say it has opened my eyes to things that should be known by all of us, yet are easily overlooked. As I do with readings that grab my attention I jotted down some of my favorite quotes which I also see as life lessons, some of which are:

“One of the biggest blessings that we can find in life is to be a blessing to others”

“Your environment and circumstances don’t determine your future, you do”

“The purpose of life is to have a life with a purpose”


and one of my personal favorites:

“Things don’t happen just because, everything has a purpose and our calling is to find such purpose in order to expand ourselves”

I’m a personal believer that everything happens for a reason; more than an inspirational quote I take it as my life motto, yet sometimes I can easily get trapped in trying to find a purpose and reason behind every little thing that takes place in my life. A constant phrase that keeps popping up these days regards “living in the now”; I believe that if we did that a little more we would realize that being happy is easier than we think. I believe NOW is the time to stop trying to anticipate and plan what will happen in the next five years of our lives and rather enjoy what is occurring at this particular time and place, you’d be surprised of what you could be missing by trying to live in the future. Take the time to realize that the present is a wonderful thing despite complications and daily stress; if we could find at least one reason why today is a beautiful day we would allow happiness into our lives and begin to nurture this feeling as part of ourselves.

In short. smile; everybody else is doing it, so why don’t you?



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