There is no place I rather be

2015 has definitely started the right way; having the chance to spend most of January in the place I call home, my lovely Venezuela. It was a time of relaxation, regaining inspiration and energy, and also doing something I haven’t properly done in a while: BREATH

I had several thing on my to do list; one was to visit a popular spot in town which brings joy to my heart every time I get to visit it, particularly for the beautiful view it offers, El Cerro EL Morro (Picture below)


I also had the chance to party it up (even if only one night) with some of the girls I get to call sisters despite the distance


something I grew surrounded with and I must say I miss dearly (especially during this brutal NY winter) is the beach; luckily for me I got the opportunity to visit some of them during my stay in Venezuela. Lets just say the tan sure helped me look more like my Hispanic self!




And of course the #1 thing on my list: LA FAMILIA ❤




IMG-20150125-WA0043  DSC_0112 DSC_0082 abgfd    1420575677011


No matter what and despite all that New York has to offer I can truly say that, at least for me, there is no place like home!

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