I’m Feeling Green

Another week that ends and the highlight of this one was of course St Patrick’s Day!

Now for someone that moved to the US just a few years ago i must say this was the first time i celebrated the day… and then some; here are some snippets of what proved to be a very green celebration. Enjoy!

IMG_20150317_151811_nopm_received_10155378593440311 qnFGHMBGPEWnFqJZfSD8NJNQKqrupbJ0ilV44p8F4jkIQZMZk_AAyvcuKay7xr4SeQ85T9i48EpMAFG7E4RjQ0   received_10155378593455311 Snapchat-5596978368844174092received_10155378594190311 rPFMXUi67ea47YwxR4nSc_iX0SxlriQ9CvX1sM_CNSo Snapchat-992154325924196534  Snapchat--6397189119876008703 tumblr_nlagwn4Tgg1tdfojdo1_1280

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