And Now Se Habla Español!

As per usual here i was at my most creative time of the day (aka 2am) and i started brainstorming on new ideas for the blog. I always get inspiration on fellow bloggers such as Miss Monroee herself Rosshanna Bracho, which is my favorite fashion blogger to date…

And another one i like is Daniela Ramirez, also known as Nany’s Klozet

And as i laid down thinking it came to mind exactly what the next move would be: BLOG IN SPANISH TOO!!!

It only made sense considering the fact that both fellow Venezuelan bloggers have expanded their readership by moving out of town (Something i already did) or writting in a second language. As you have all seen so far all blog entries have been limited to my second language, that being English. So why not go back to the roots and write in my native language as well?


So from now on you will be able to get all entries in both english and español!

Que lo disfruten!




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