Early Halloween

So Easter is gone once again (Yes, this is indeed a LATE post) and usually i go for more traditional girly dresses or outfits; however this time i went for something a little more edgy and unconventional, at least for me. I decided to mix 2 colors that i used to think are a strictly Halloween duo: Orange and Black. However i must say the combination did not weird me out and i believe i was able to accomplish my ultimate mission: Feminine and church appropriate with an edge. So, do you think i succeed?

PS: The skirt is Express, the shirt is Forever 21, the boots and the purse are Aldo, and the shades are Ray Ban

IMG_20150405_115220IMG_20150405_115219  IMG_20150405_115224(1)   IMG_20150405_115226  IMG_20150405_115615

Nuevamente se fue la Pascua (Si, esta es una entrada al blog que llega un poco TARDE) y usualmente suelo usar vestidos o combinaciones super femeninas; sin embargo esta vez me atrevi por algo menos convencional, al menos para mi. Decidi mezclar 2 colores que en mi opinion eran solamente combinables para Halloween: Naranja y Negro. Sin embargo debo decir que al final la combinacion no me parecio rara y creo que logre mi cometido: Lucir femenina y appropiada para la iglesia con un toque edgy. Que opinan, lo logre?

PS: La falda es Express, La franela es Forever 21, Las botas y la cartera son Aldo, y los lentes son Ray Ban

IMG_20150405_115618 IMG_20150405_115619  IMG_20150405_115622 IMG_20150405_115631IMG_20150405_115621


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