The Hair Diaries

And as summer comes to an end I figured I’d write a post on all the tips and tricks I used to take care of myself these past few months. Even tho this is the season of relaxation and fun, we also have to treat out skin and hair the right way. Although I’ve slacked on the beach department this season (I’ve only been there 2-3 times) the heat still affects my hair, and so I would like to share some tips to treat it right the rest of the summer:

  • Stylish protection: Nothing like a hat to style up your summer look while taking care of your hair, and with so many different ones available the options are infinite!

DSCN3357 DSCN3587IMG01814-20110717-1657

  • Braid it up: Want to style up your hair quick and simply? then a braid is the way to go!


  • Ponytail time: It’s the easiest quick fix for a day at the beach, or even while working out during the summer. It also helps you keep the look together while dealing with the heavier wind


  • Conditioning Cream: After a day at the beach, tanning by the pool, or even after I take a shower on a hot day, this is the perfect treatment for my hair. Some of the ones I’ve tried before include Bonawell’s regular and asian straight creams (The yellow and the purple one) and Garnier’s sleek and shine (The green one)




  • The heat protector: Frizz Ease by John Frieda has proven to be the best solution for the times I want to give my hear that extra straight look by using an iron or simply by blow-drying it. Simply apply all over your hair after you’ve dried it with your towel and right before you heat things up (with your hair that is)

IMG_20150816_175812 IMG_20150816_175819

  • It’s not just about the hair: But what about your body? the simplest answer = body lotion. Many times we forget to apply lotion because we are in a hurry or simply because we are feeling lazy, but I promise you that your body will thank you for it in the long run! There are multiple options out there; the latest I’ve tried is Suave’s one with Aloe. soothing and affordable, it’s a great option if you’re on a budget yet want to treat yourself the right way


  • The final touch: Nothing but a killer smile and positive attitude to enjoy the best season of the year! (Oh yeah, and a pair of sunglasses can’t hurt either)


PS: for additional summer tips, particularly hair ones I recommend checking Madison Reed’s Summer Survival Checklist. They also have pretty helpful tips if you’re looking to change your hair color and want to decide what works best for you! Check out their hair dye advisor page 🙂



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