Le Workplace

As a blogger I love having the flexibility to work basically from anywhere, however I still like giving my personal workspace some use (aka my desk.)DSC_0014Now there’s a few reasons why I love my work space so much; for starters having an area to call my own where I can disconnect from everything and simply put my ideas to work is just great.DSC_0011Additionally, since I’m so big on organizing I love having a place to have all my basic necessities, such as my magazines for inspiration, business cards and passes to former and future events, and any other tools or documents helpful for my blogging endeavours.DSC_0009I also like having a variety of funky supplies, as well as little gifts I’ve gotten throughout the years (Like the Starbucks cup in the back). I also keep basics such as a water bottle around in order to stay hydrated at all times.DSC_0007Another basic I always have next to me is my best friend, the planner; no better way to set reminders to keep the blog updated, but also to jot down any upcoming fashion related events.DSC_0005Last but not least of course is my laptop, which allows me to bring this blog to you all!DSC_0015Now, even when I am pretty happy with my current work station I have been thinking about little ways to tweak it and make it even better, and here are some of the options I’ve considered so far:0ab89e3d69bb7ff832257ddc672bc483646c559fbc6da07cacd6240bbdc32ab9ecc644cbac286ec7692f514858457ea5Anything picture-related already grabs my attention, collages also apply!i-heartEven directly on the desk, pictures just work for meb48ef6e268ef323e8d1895e5572185d4Despite already having a whiteboard/calendar on my desk, something like this would do wonders for me.home-editA little light wouldn’t hurt eitherff115d614b95b86823a0b5fa953d94ca refinery

I would like to finish this post by thanking the lovely people from WeWork, which is a company that creates workspaces all over town so that people like me can do what we love. I highly encourage all fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs to go check them out, you won’t be disappointed!!




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