So I recently found out about Social Print Studio, a fabulous printing company based in the West Coast specializing in, you guessed it, printing! As I scrolled down their catalog of products I could not help but feel inspired and so I decided to come up with a Photo Book (LookBook) of my own, which would be perfect to print in one of the many presentations Social Print Studio offers. Here is a rundown of some of my favorite looks feature on the blog so far!

Summer Time

Some of my favorite looks took place in the summer, or a summer-y place like Miami (aka pics 1 and 2). Nothing like a simple, solid color dress in order to rock your favorite pair of funky heels without it being too much (like on pic 2). For a more casual look pair your favorite jean shorts with a simple top and let the shoes be the start of the look (1) or pick black shorts with ankle boots with your favorite crop top (3)

Rock on!

Leather anything always gives a look that extra something. You can chose to pair your leather leggings with a sleeveless top and some cool shades like on pic 1, or do an all-black look like in the second pic. Another option is a skin tight dress of your choice while you let the semi-messy hair and makeup do the talking

Bohemian Vibes

One of my favorite shoots included looks I never thought of putting together but am glad I tried on. For a retro hippie vibe pair some shredded jeans, a crop top, and your flower crown. If you want something more glamorous try some flare pants and a tight top. For an in-between pair some shorts with a baggy top and finish the look with a headpiece and your favorite jewelry.

In with the Long

Nothing like a long piece to feel super feminine. From a nightgown with a twist (short in the front, long in the back) with simple makeup and hair, to a summer dress paired with a flower headpiece that also works as a bulky bracelet. Take it to the next level with ankle boots, a maxi skirt, and a crop top.

Samba Cafe Carnaval

Regardless of what you put together the point is to have fun with it and own it like a supermodel. Whether its multiple shiny colors at once, camo and a big hat, or showing some skin with a bare back and shorts, the options are endless so dare to experiment until you find what feels uniquely yours!


PS: Once again thanks to Social Print Studio for the inspiration. I mean seriously imagine all of these beautifully printed like this?


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