A light gray-blue sky, white sand beach, pale aqua water edged in seafoam... simply beautiful nature at her best.abridgetonowhere: White Sands, NM I need to come to youRemembering my 6 year old self collecting seashells in the beach.... Wish i can do that again this summer! :3Ah l' #été, ses #plages de sable chaud... Une véritable histoire d'amour avec les #sandales Birkenstock !@fpcalifornia hitting the wavesWhere I'd rather be on this Monday.I believe in being at peace with your inner-self as well as with others. I believe in accepting others for who they are, as they are made in the light of God.crawlin to water to drown ur own self after watching T's OSea + Sand + Paella = Serious Swooning create this veggie paella over an open fire on the beach with friends... Today on Eye-Swoon.com http://fb.me/7rPTqIMdXwww.hoolacollective.com INSPO Hoola Collective Hoola Collective Swimwear Ladies/ sand and stoneHi, I`m Marjan from the Netherlands. -- Welcome to my summerblog! --- None of the images posted is...


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