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New Beginnings

Español It's been a while...or maybe it's been the right time. As I sit down and type up this first post of 2017, I realize that I want to do things a little different this time around. New Year, New Me? Not necessarily. However I feel like I've learned a few lessons in the past …

Summer’s in the Air…

...And baby heaven's in your eyes


Despite still posting semi-regularly I feel like "Coco" is still missing something or it's not "quite there yet"which is why I'm working on new material and ideas for upcoming content. As i go through the process of recreating some of the elements of the blog i figured I'd ask my lovely followers what they would …

Rocksbox + Kendra Scott

So i recently posted the picture below on my instagram to show you all these gorgeous Kendra Scott earings courtesy of my latest Rocksbox set. Needless to say i ended up purchasing them! - - - - - - - Recientemente publique esta imagen en mi instagram para mostrarles a todos estos hermosos pendientes de …