Camo Ammo

     Top: Strawberry / Skirt: Forever 21 / Boots: Forever 21  /Hat: H&MConcept: Urban GirlPhotographer: Kristen Gruenfelder (


When in France

So once again me and my friends took on the streets of Manhattan for more city adventures; first stop: Restaurant Week pt.2, more specifically the "Artisanal Fromagerie bistro & wine bar" located by Park Av. and 32nd St. For about 30$ each we were able to enjoy delicious dishes such as "Housemade country pate", "Brandade …

Giving Up or Moving On?

So another facet of mine is that of writing; i haven’t done it in a while but this has been a season of inspiration and i decided to go back to it. This being my 3rd post published by The Fickle Heartbeat (Which i appreciate immensely!!) it’s the one that i’m the proudest of, hope you guys enjoy it! ❤

The Fickle Heartbeat

Giving Up or Moving On

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After seeing several friends of mine (and myself included) hitting the stage of not knowing whether to keep trying or just calling it quits with another person (not just significant others) I decided to write an open letter for those who currently find themselves at that point and don’t know what to do anymore. Once again I am not an expert and I don’t have all the answers, so just consider this a personal opinion as well as a comforting note that could help you make a decision on what the next step should be:

Let’s face it; many of us have been there: that awkward and exhausting stage where things just aren’t the same with that person. Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, you name it, things just aren’t working. So you try your best to look back and find the point where…

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Hippie Lalaland

Concept: A Hippie WonderlandPhotographer: Aldo AntonioStylist: Karen Aravena

Little Miss Diva

       Concept: Boho ChicPhotographer: Aldo AntonioStylist: Karen Aravena

Restaurant Week

Nothing like food in the Big Apple, and for a fat ass like me Restaurant Week in New York is like Fashion Week for Anna Wintour. In this opportunity i tried Bar Eolo; a small rustic place in the Chelsea area that serves Italian food with a fancy twist, a truly delicious experience. Afterwards i …

I Got Lost In The 60s

   Concept: Hippie Chic Photographer: Aldo Antonio Stylist: Karen Aravena

Summer in The Big Apple

As someone that moved here just a few years ago there is yet so much to experience from New York; this being my first full summer here i'm trying to do as many things as possible, specially in Manhattan. Just this past weekend i got to see my first movie at a park; more specifically …

The Girl in the Woods

  Dress: Cotton On / Maxi Skirt: Forever 21 / Sandals: Tori Burch / Bracelets: Alex and Ani / Watch: Swatch Concept: Girl in the woods Photographer: Monika Brzostowska

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

So i am happy to announce that i have been nominated for "The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!" by the lovely Ello Kelsey ( Go follow her blog, you'll love it!). For someone that is just getting started in the blogging world this means a lot and it encourages me to keep doing something i love. …