Keep Holding On

From here on, it keeps getting better

Winter Inspiration

Neon Fuzz

Español I'll admit it, black is my go-to color. It's classy, edgy, and sexy. You can wear it for work, a night out, a casual outing, and basically any occasion in between. But there are times when wearing just black doesn't cut it, and we have to add a little extra something to the mix. …

New Beginnings

Español It's been a while...or maybe it's been the right time. As I sit down and type up this first post of 2017, I realize that I want to do things a little different this time around. New Year, New Me? Not necessarily. However I feel like I've learned a few lessons in the past …


The Time Is Now

The time is now to tell those who matter exactly how you feel, how much you love them and how important they are to you. The time is now to say simple phrases such as "I love you", "you matter to me", "I want to see you", "I miss you". The time is now to …

Throwback Thursday

Another One

Throwback Thursday

Another one from College Fashionista

Throwback Thursday

Español I'm constantly looking for new mini-sections to introduce in the blog and i figured why not Throwback Thursday? And so every other Thursday i'll bring back old posts from the blog or articles i've written for other sites. This time i wanted to share my first College Fashionista article. In case i didn't tell …


Español I might have been living in New York for 6 years now but i'll always be a tourist at heart. One of the things i absolutely LOVE doing is exploring the city, and in one of my latest adventures i was introduced to the perfect combination of trendy fashion, delicious food, and the underground …